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A Bit of Knit

This is it.  The only thing I’ve worked on of late are the Emily’s Favourite Socks.  And barley much of that.  It was bound to happen.  The days are longer and the outdoors beckons and my time has more recently been spent on 2 of my other loves- gardening and hiking. My knitting has pretty much…… Continue reading A Bit of Knit

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Seaming the T-Shell

The whole while I was knitting up the main 3 pieces of this project I’ve had a bit of anxiety about how well it was going to piece together at the seams.  Besides the typical side and shoulder seaming this pattern also calls for seaming all the way across the top, from cuff to shoulder.…… Continue reading Seaming the T-Shell

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Softball and Socks

  I have not spent a whole lot of time recently on my current sock project, what with the switch to the Mother’s Day projects of the past week.  But last Monday, K was roped into playing on his work’s softball team, a double header, for that first evening of games.  And that meant time for…… Continue reading Softball and Socks

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Mother’s Day Madness

As for most, Mother’s Day has taken on new meanings as I’ve gotten older.   As a child the focus was all on my own mom, making her day special. Making a hand written card, or breakfast in bed (why everyone thinks that is a good idea and a special treat I really can’t say)…… Continue reading Mother’s Day Madness

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Two Fronts and a Frog

I knew as I was wrapping up the left side front of the T-Shell cardi that something wasn’t right about the cast-off neckline.  It was much too pointy.   I zoomed in on a previous picture so you can see what I mean.  That little tail at the corner of the center neckline. A few…… Continue reading Two Fronts and a Frog

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T-Shells and Favourite Socks WIPs

While I was under the weather I really didn’t work much on either of my current WIP’s.  I’d had such a foggy head that I did not trust myself behind the needles.  But I have made progress on both the T-Shell Cardi and Emily’s Favourite Socks so thought I would share. To be honest, I…… Continue reading T-Shells and Favourite Socks WIPs

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On Board the ‘Travel Knit’ Train

See the luggage and the row of chairs? K and I took M to the airport this morning for her return flight after spending her Spring Break with us.  As an unaccompanied minor she we accompanied her to her departure gate where, after waiting an hour for her to board, they cancelled her flight altogether.  It…… Continue reading On Board the ‘Travel Knit’ Train

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Project Progress

It’s not part of the plan to participate in a “WIP Wednesday”, but since I’ve been happily busy on several this week during my stay-cation from work it made sense to share some of the progress with you all. There are the projects on the needles of course, but also the ones in the yard…… Continue reading Project Progress

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Shell Far, Shell Good

The T- Shell Cardigan is progressing better than I thought.  A storm came through yesterday that had my lungs protesting in the form of a bad asthma attack, so I ended up knitting for most of the day.  Luckily M, who you may recall is visiting K and I, is quite happy to sit and…… Continue reading Shell Far, Shell Good

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Magic Loop Success and Vintage Sizing

As previously mentioned I have 2 cardigans on my list of upcoming planned projects.   After successfully casting on and knitting several inches on Emily’s Favourite Socks in the Magic Loop technique I decided it was time to put it aside as a ‘travel knit’ project.  Which means it will come with me to K’s…… Continue reading Magic Loop Success and Vintage Sizing