A Bit About Me

My life is full.  My kids are grown. I have love and health and a house I have made a home that is now shared with my significant other, K.  My 40’s have been my favorite decade so far. A couple dozen pigeons, 9 chickens, 5 quail, 2 hawks, 2 dogs and 1 tortoise share it with us. Painting the walls, gardening, tearing up and putting down new floors, tiling back-splashes, knitting socks or hats, juicing grapes, building shelves or organizing are some of the ways I stay busy.  Camping and hiking in the warmer months are the only things that pull me away.  I like busy.  I like productiveness.  And I love sharing in the enjoyment that others receive from my efforts.

I can also be found on

Ravelry.com: Ifonlyyoutry

Instagram: emptynestchickenmom