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Trash and Treasures

I love Yard Sale Season!  K does too.  So most every Saturday we hop in the car and head out of the neighborhood, lead haphazardly about the city by neon signs and big black arrows to seek out our next treasure.  Sometimes there are specific things we are searching for but usually is more of a ‘don’t know that you need it till you see it’ kinda thing.

Yarn is always something I’m keeping an eye out for.  And last week I found a great stash of Shetland Wool in a wonderful lavender heather for only $3.  It came with a partially completed sweater which I could try to continue but will just frog instead.

That same day I was super excited to find an edger just like the one my mom has.  I have been hard pressed to find one at any garden shop I’ve been to in the last few years.  But they work wonderfully for edging the grass along a sidewalk, or cutting into the sod along a garden.  You get nice clean, straight edges in no time.  $1.

And my favorite find so far this year has been the perfect addition to the butterfly and hummingbird garden. The wall space seemed too bare to the right of the birdhouse and I had been trying to thing of ways to fill it in without hanging something which would require putting a hole in the shed.  The piece of old gate was out in a trash pile (free!) and I knew it would be perfect.  K didn’t even question it when I asked him to pull over and help me put it int he back.  He knows that my ideas for ‘beautifying’ the yard generally work out so he is always good natured about helping.

Do you have  favorite find?



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