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A Bit of Knit


This is it.  The only thing I’ve worked on of late are the Emily’s Favourite Socks.  And barley much of that.  It was bound to happen.  The days are longer and the outdoors beckons and my time has more recently been spent on 2 of my other loves- gardening and hiking.

My knitting has pretty much dwindled only to quick lunch breaks at work and K’s softball games (of which there have only been 2 of so far).  Even visits to K’s mom’s house I’ve been helping with her gardening instead of bringing my knits along.  Being my first magic loop socks, though, the turn heel and gusset have gone much better than I could have hoped.  It had been difficult to work out how to do it in my head, but once I was to that stage it suddenly became much more clear.   I did find some great videos on You Tube to help with these which I highly recommend.  They even helped me perfect picking up stitches. The Turn Heel can be found here, and the continuation to the Gusset can be found here.

I am loving the color combinations on these socks.  They will be perfect for the intended recipient!




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