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Making the Best of It


I had to face the sad fact that the majority of my peony blooms did not make it through the sudden winter storm of the other day.  Probably a good 3 quarters of the stems had snapped from the weight of the snow, as well as several from the neighboring iris.

In an attempt to save any I could I trimmed the stems back and stuck them in a vase.  Though I’m doubtful that I can encourage any of the peony to open up at least they can brighten up the patio table in the attempt.

I’m sad to report that among the other casualties were the concord grapes along my east and south fence.  I’m pretty sure I lost more than half of this year’s crop.  I look forward to juicing the grapes every fall, but it seems we’ll just have to try to make our juice supply stretch out a bit longer.



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