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Seaming the T-Shell

The whole while I was knitting up the main 3 pieces of this project I’ve had a bit of anxiety about how well it was going to piece together at the seams.  Besides the typical side and shoulder seaming this pattern also calls for seaming all the way across the top, from cuff to shoulder.  It also has multiple cast off rows for decreasing with can be troublesome to make look even.

IMG_20170520_073841The side seaming went quite smoothly, being just the basic mattress stitch and even though I realized I had done an extra row of the bottom ribbed edging on one of them. But the horizontal seaming has been an issue.  I’ve done it plenty.  My Dealla Cardigan had lots of it – and it worked out beautifully.   Each time I’ve done it I’ve had to refresh my memory on how and have had wonderful success in using a couple of different resources, a video from KnitPurlHunter and a written instruction at Vogue Knitting.

I’m not sure if it is the texture and/or sheen of the yarn, or the decreasing rows, or a combination of the two, but I am really not happy with how it is turning out!  If I don’t get it right then I know I’m not going to be wearing the sweater, so clean seams is a must! So far NOT so good!


Because each piece is angled from cuff to shoulder the ‘invisible horitzontal seam’ is anything but invisible.   Its not clean and its even jaggedy.  IMG_20170520_073410

This is the other side.  It is looking slightly better than the first but still not invisible since the stitches aren’t straight up and down but meet at an angle.   If I can make it all the way from shoulder to cuff and manage to keep it consistent it will definitely be an improvement, but I still don’t know if it will be clean enough to feel good about the finished product.  If it is I’ll go back and redo the first but I have my doubts.


I’m still a bit indifferent to the sweater as a whole.  I have been able to try it on at this point and it actually seams to be a bit more bulky than I had anticipated.  Not something easily solved by blocking.  Its easier to stretch something out than to shrink something down.  But it was a gamble to take on this project to begin with since it is a true vintage pattern.  Even as I’ve seamed up the sleeves and shoulders there had been no indication in the pattern where to end to form the neck.

As you might guess I’m having a hard time staying motivated even to complete the last few inches of the seam on that right sleeve.    I have a feeling this project will end up being frogged and the yarn being reincarnated into something else in the future.


Comments and Feedback Always Welcome!

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