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May the Snow Stop, Seriously

Remember the beautiful green, blooming and nearly blooming gardens of the other day? Despite the warning (which I did not believe), we woke up to snow earlier this week.  It was in the 70’s the day before that.  I know Utah weather can change nearly instantly, but this one took me by surprise because it was not preceded by a cold front.  No wind, no drop in temperature.  And somehow still, overnight the blue warm blue skies turned to snow cold and snow.  Of course I worried about my garden blooms.IMG_20170518_155849

By the afternoon, the accumulation had melted away, but it was still snowing off and on.IMG_20170518_155902

And my beautiful nearly ready to bloom peonies?  Most of them snapped at the stems!  I nearly want to cry at the loss.

Its not a tragedy in the grand scheme of things.  But, oh, how I was looking forward to seeing those dense petaled blooms begin to open over the coming days and weeks!

It is not uncommon to have snow this late into the spring.  It’s even been known to snow on the last day of school around here. Albeit with no accumulation, but still, snowflakes falling from the sky in June is a real, if rare, thing.  But knowing that still doesn’t lessen the loss.  Most plants came through with only minimal damage or none at all.  The heartier peas, lettuce, spinach and kale from the raised gardens still looks great.  The basil is pretty much a gonner.  But only time will tell just how much the grape vines, peonies, day lily and other plants pull through.


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