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My Favorite Month

IMG_20170512_073451I have decided recently that May is my favorite month.  The first flowers are in bloom, the sun is out longer in the evenings, the grass greens up, the air is clean, there is yard work and spring cleaning and hiking and warmth.  Dresses come out, sweaters get packed away.   May celebrates Mother’s Day, the day I first became a mom myself when the Older was born and its was my Granny’s (my dad’s mom’s) birth month as well.  I’ve mentioned the impact this woman had on my life.  How she inspired me to be a better person, always strive to learn something new and to stay active.    When she passed away almost 3 years ago at the age of 96 she was still hiking nearly every day on the mountain in her back yard of Emigration Canyon, Utah.

In the month after she passed I visited her home for one of the last times and dug up bunches and bunches of flowers, some of them unidentified as they had gone un-watered and had dried up somewhat, and transplanted them into my own yard.  Last year I started to truly reap the benefits watching the Peony and Columbine, the delicate fragranced Lily of the Valley and more, bloom for the first time after the cold of Utah winters.

Now, every May I get to enjoy a little piece of my Granny in my own backyard.  There are other pieces of her in my home as well.  Her old Singer sewing Machine.  And old Frigidaire that is now a storage cabinet on the patio, a picture she painted among others. But watching those flowers green up and get ready to bloom every May means a renewal of Granny in my yard every spring.

Lily of the Valley

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