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Mother’s Day Madness

As for most, Mother’s Day has taken on new meanings as I’ve gotten older.  IMG_20170513_171314974

As a child the focus was all on my own mom, making her day special. Making a hand written card, or breakfast in bed (why everyone thinks that is a good idea and a special treat I really can’t say) or  offering to do chores I would normally try to avoid at all costs.  At first it was enjoyed, then as a teenager it was, if I’m being honest, seen as an obligation.  Barely managing a Happy Mother’s Day some years.

Later, after becoming a mom myself the focus had shifted.  I still acknowledged and did something special for my mom, and then MIL, but I admittedly enjoyed the attention being on myself as well.  Although the expectation and reality never seemed to meet up and I more often than not ended up feeling a bit disappointed.

Now, as an empty nester, my girls grown and gone I find that I enjoy Mother’s Day more than I had ever before.  The freedom in my own kids not being around to expect things from meant that I could focus all my efforts on making my mom and K’s mom feel special as well as the other moms in my life.  I’ve come to realize that by having no expectations at all I am open to enjoy whatever the moment brings.  And enjoy it we did.

There was a brief interlude when I wondered if I had started the projects soon enough that I had planned as gift for the mom’s in my life.  While there was about a week of knitting madness as I completed the first, then the second and finally (after much trial and error, starting over and over and then finally starting something altogether different) the third.  Yes, that last one did give me some trouble.  I couldn’t quite get a handle on the stitch so decided to find another pattern and instead give my self time at a later date to go back and tackle the offending stitch.

The Simple Eyelet Washcloth I made for my own mom. The Honeycomb Dishcloth was made for K’s mom and instead of the Ceramic Dishcloth, I completed the Knotted Cables Washcloth for my Step-Mom.   Each was paired with a locally made goats milk soap and all were big hits.


Did you give a mom the gift of needlework?  What did you make?



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