Furry and Feathered Friends

Small Successes

IMG_20170505_175229Happy Weekend everyone!

This week was filled with success.  But not the completion of the T-Shell cardigan.  That’s quite alright.  There is no occasion specifically I was trying to finish it for so there really was no true deadline, but it would have been nice to have had it done before starting on the Mom’s day projects I have planned.  Instead I will be setting it aside for the time being. I’ll of course be sharing my new projects, but not until after next Sunday so I don’t end up spoiling the surprises.

And while the sweater remains the in the WIP category I did have a great week of successes worth celebrating.   It’s something that many of us forget to do, celebrate the successes – even the small ones.  We focus so often on our failures – allowing them to weigh us down that it starts becoming the routine.  I don’t tend to be that type of person.  I’m not an optimist necessarily, I just don’t let things get to me.  They tend to roll off my back.  But I do generally find a positive spin whenever i can.  This week it as a new employee’s training progressing nicely, my fridge and freezer scrubbed clean, my winter sweaters cleaned and packed away and my shorts, t-shirts and summer dresses unpacked and in the closet.  The sheets on the bed are changed, the bills are paid and bank book balanced, inbox is clean, dishwasher is emptied and counters are wiped down.  On the sweater I’ve completed both fronts including the edging but they are waiting to be seamed to to the back and the collar and cuffs knitted.

I celebrated all of this last night.  As dusk approached I let the chickens out of the run to scratch around in the yard while I sat on the patio sipping and apple ale and then watched them all go back into the coop as it got dark and put themselves to roost.  If you have ever had the pleasure of watching chickens, they are very entertaining.  It is quite the treat!

I haven’t sprung for an upgrade here on my blog but I highly suggest you head yourself over to some chicken entertainment on my IG page.   Otherwise, here are some pictures to suffice.

What are your successes this week?

Is that what I think it is?
I’ll find a way to get them out!
C’mon human, you can get them out!

Comments and Feedback Always Welcome!

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