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T-Shells and Favourite Socks WIPs

IMG_20170425_164745While I was under the weather I really didn’t work much on either of my current WIP’s.  I’d had such a foggy head that I did not trust myself behind the needles.  But I have made progress on both the T-Shell Cardi and Emily’s Favourite Socks so thought I would share.

To be honest, I had begun to loose my mojo for the cardigan even before I got sick and haven’t got it back.  I’m beginning to worry over how it is really going to turn out.  And wishing in hindsight that I had cast on both the right and left fronts at the same time to ensure that the increases and repeated shell patterns were the same on each.  Right now I’ve nearly completed the left side and I am determined not to give it up.  I keep reminding myself that I felt that way about the medallion on the Dealla Cardigan and it ended up turning out great.  I can’t know unless I try right? So I’ll keep at it and see it through.

Emily’s Favourite Socks socks are coming along too.  These I have picked up more often since the pattern is just a simple ribbing.  I’ve also been taking them to work for something to do on my lunch break.  It’s turned out to be a great way to decompress.  I have joined them both now onto the one set of needles and am working them simultaneously in Magic Loop and am now to the turn heel.  Which is a new skill, which makes me nervous for the outcome, which I won’t know unless I try.  Seems to be a reoccurring theme.  I should title my blog after it or something! Lol.


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