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April Showers bring… pollen, allergies and guck!

Lately, it is not my knits that have me all, ehem, unravelled.  Instead it is my allergies!  I’ve made mention of asthma a time or two since starting this blog and there are all sorts of triggers for it sometimes pollution and air quality, sometimes a change in barometric pressure with an upcoming storm, sometimes wind that kicks up dust and pollens.  Luckily the extremely high pollen count of the Salt Lake Valley we are currently experiencing isn’t causing any asthma – yet.  CaptureBut it is making me absolutely miserable in the allergies department.   Sneezing, Stuffy nose, clogged ears, sore throat, sleepless nights, headaches.. and goop, goop and more goop!  Yuck!  It’s also played havoc on my voice box for the last several days so my voice is pretty much gone.  So after 3 days of doing what I can in the office and a very bad night of no sleep I decided to take it easier today and work from home (I managed about 4 hours all together) as well as make time to see the doctor.    Her diagnosis – Sinus infection and laryngitis.

As most people know, I tend chose a more holistic approach to staying healthy.  Veggie smoothies, little to no sugar or HFCS, no sodas.  I drink my coffee black, eat mainly vegetarian, rarely consume fast foods.   So when the allergy symptoms started I did what I always do – used my Neti Pot  (something that usually works and I definitely recommend trying)  several times a day, drank herbal tea with honey and Apple Cider Vinegar and focused even more so on a healthy diet low in sugar.  But this allergy season is kicking my behind –  and winning! I’m starting to miss work (something I never do) and with laryngitis stopping me from talking I haven’t been able to perform a core part of my job which requires me to be on the phone, train and be a consultant to my team. None of which I can do in my current condition.  I’ve also given in and taken OTC meds which have also not begun to help, so antibiotics it is. Freaking allergies!  Humph!

So when my watery eyes haven’t hindered me from seeing the needles I’ve made quite a bit of progress on my T-Shell cardigan, fishing the back and beginning the front left.  I think the sizing will be pretty close in the end, but its really to hard to tell,  even now.IMG_20170413_143315

Because of the way the shell pattern reaches down several rows below the current row, and there is a definite top and bottom to the pattern itself it isn’t possible to have knit the sleeves in the round as half of it would be upside down or sideways.  They way it knits up actually reminds me a bit of a cartoon version of how knitting would be portrayed – knit flat and in the shape it will end up.  Like here, as a big T for the whole back and arms.  Or the scene from Enchanted when Giselle has obviously made her new dress from the living room curtains!  If my cardigan ends up half as good as a dress made by pigeons, rats and cockroaches I should be golden! Lol!



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