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On Board the ‘Travel Knit’ Train

See the luggage and the row of chairs? K and I took M to the airport this morning for her return flight after spending her Spring Break with us.  As an unaccompanied minor she we accompanied her to her departure gate where, after waiting an hour for her to board, they cancelled her flight altogether.  It seems that you need an actual pilot and flight attendants in order for a flight to take off, of which they had neither.  But being an unaccompanied minor on an airline does have its perks.  They juggled things around and got her on the next flight that only took her 2 hours out of the way, and only added about an hour to our wait time.

Luckily I recently adopted the ‘Travel Knit’ project.  That project that can fit easily in a purse and is simple enough that you can memorize the pattern.   Up until the last project I completed I had always just had 1 project at a time on the needles, but decided that a simple sock would be nice to bring along and work on when I had any wait times.  With M here this last week we’ve eaten out a lot so I’ve brought it along to the restaurant to work on while waiting for our food, on the train to go downtown to the theater, and now to the airport.  And I’m so glad for it.  I would have been bored out of my mind waiting with nothing to do for 2 1/2 hours in the terminal.  And I was able to finish all of the leg section.

I’m not sure how it will work, but I’m going to attempt to cast on the second sock onto the same needles and knit it up to the same point as well before starting the heel and gusset. We’ll see how it goes.  I’ve seen two at a time done a couple of different ways, doing both socks simultaneously as well as switching back and forth after each section.  We’ll see how this goes and maybe try working the next pair simultaneously to see which is better.

Do you use magic loop?  Which method for magic loop do you prefer?

***Update***  I’m at a loss.  I could swear I had seen magic loop done sections at time instead of simultaneously.  And in my mind it worked perfectly!  But dang if I can actually get it to work in reality, and I can’t find any videos that show how to actually accomplish it this way.  So… I moved by first sock to some spare needles and plan to knit the second sock up to the same point before I begin working them both at the same time.  Any observations on this? thoughts?



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