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Project Progress

It’s not part of the plan to participate in a “WIP Wednesday”, but since I’ve been happily busy on several this week during my stay-cation from work it made sense to share some of the progress with you all. There are the projects on the needles of course, but also the ones in the yard to report on.


The sock has another color stripe. It has accompanied K, M and I downtown via train, and to breakfast at our local eatery, and to run errands. Knitting while waiting outside the fitting room while M tries on outfits? Yes please!


I’ve added more soil to on of the garden boxes where seeds are going in for spinach and lettuce and the other already has peas and beets.  I’ve completed the landscaping wall for the new garden out front and am slowly adding soil to that as well.  If we have time while M is here to help we’ll be picking out some plants to start filling it later this week.


And finally the T-Shell Cardigan is coming along nicely.  The yarn has a tendency to split, but I really, really love how soft it is.  Until I can actually try it on I will not know if it will fit, so I am still nervous.  But I’m enjoying the process anyway.

Later today we are all heading to the park for a photo shoot.  Not for the blog.   A real one with my BFF who is taking pictures of M.  She’ll be 13 next week and K has never had her pictures taken professionally.  I’m super excited to see how they turn out.  I’ve loved having professional pics of my own girls as they’ve grown up and with M living several states away now it will be nice to add pictures of her on the walls.

Side note and questions for all the knitters: I’ve loved the self striping yarns but have been looking for some good self pattering yarns in fingering weight too.  What are your favorite brands and colorways that you’ve found?




One thought on “Project Progress

  1. You seem very busy and productive 🙂 I will look forward to seeing what the answers are to your question as I have never really used a self patterned yarn before either xx

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