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Shell Far, Shell Good

The T- Shell Cardigan is progressing better than I thought.  A storm came through yesterday that had my lungs protesting in the form of a bad asthma attack, so I ended up knitting for most of the day.  Luckily M, who you may recall is visiting K and I, is quite happy to sit and read all day if given the opportunity, so she certainly had no objection to lounging the day away.

I am discovering that the vintage pattern does have some differences from a modern pattern, leaving more up to interpretation.  Such as “increase at regular intervals for a total of 75 sts” instead of the more precise ” K4, (M1, K10), repeat to last 4 sts, K to end” kind of instruction you’d see in a pattern now.  But it is coming together.  And it is bright.   I’m more of a muted, earth tones type gal, so the decision to add something as bright as this is a bit out of character for me.  But green is my favorite color so it is not completely as far fetched as it could have been if it was, perhaps, hot pink or fuchsia considering pink is my least favorite.

I’ve just completed the first pattern repeat of shells and was pleasantly satisfied at how it turned out.  It is difficult to see the shells in the pictures but the vintage flair it gives is quite fantastic!  Despite the vintage sizing article from my previous post I’m still a bit nervous and how this will fit since the pattern does not include any finished measurements, but time will tell.   And I suppose I can either start over or sell it on a vintage site if it ends up too small.

I’m using Knit Picks Mighty Stitch worsted weight in Macaw which is a wool/acrylic blend.  Its the first time I’ve used it and so far so good.  Don’t quote me on it, but I doubt I will ever take the time to knit any sweater for myself that does not include at least a little bit of wool.  I always run on the cold side so it just makes sense.


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