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Magic Loop Success and Vintage Sizing

As previously mentioned I have 2 cardigans on my list of upcoming planned projects.  
After successfully casting on and knitting several inches on Emily’s Favourite Socks in the Magic Loop technique I decided it was time to put it aside as a ‘travel knit’ project.  Which means it will come with me to K’s mom’s house whenever we visit since that is pretty much the only other place I travel to besides work.

In honor of spring I wanted to cast on something bright (which most of what I wear is NOT).  So the vintage pattern “Cardigan Sweater no. 479” which I am hereby renaming ‘T Shell Cardigan‘ was the obvious choice.   I have a vintage style dress that I wear to work that is a black and white print and wanted a vintage style sweater to go with it.  And I chose a bright spring green for a nice pop to the outfit.  It will be interesting to see how an actual vintage pattern varies from a modern pattern.  I guess I am going to find out because I am getting ready to cast this on (two cast ons in one day!) and had to do some research on vintage sizes.  I came across this great article that answered all my questions and thought I’d share.  Size 12 it is!

Source: Chronically Vintage: Vintage clothing sizing 101


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