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FO – Heartful Shawl

I had expected to finish this last weekend.  And then hit some snags. The first being taking it over to K’s mom’s house to work on while I visited.  It is not a pattern that can be attempted, at least not by me, while being even the least bit distracted as it is not at all forgiving.  This is my first time working with a lace pattern.  I am wondering if that is probably the way it tends to go with lace.

And I am also beginning to see the benefits of having a second project on the needles that requires less concentration as a ‘travel worthy’ project.  Though my life is generally pretty simple.  With kids grown and out of the house (mostly) I don’t spend any time at team practices, or waiting outside of school.  But I have brought my knitting along on the occasions that I know I’ll be waiting.  And this project would not and did not work well for that.  It most certainly gave me a sense of accomplishment though.  For all the times I had to go back and fix something it looks great, if a bit small.

It is going in a bath this morning for a nice soak and then onto the blocking mat, which will then be stretched to the final measurements, increasing it by 30 percent.

I plan to cast my next project on, likely, later today.  My next goal will be to learn magic loop, which calls for a sock pattern.  I certainly have yarn for that!  And after that I have 2 cardigans and 2 more shawls.  And more socks.  You know how it goes.

So this week should provide me lots of knitting time.  K’s 13 YO daughter M is here for spring break and I’ve taken the whole time off from work for it.   We have lots of fun plans in the works and have already done some shopping and pedicures.  More on that as the week progresses.  Today we are off to an Easter Egg Hunt/Potluck put on by my work at a local park.  The skies are clear and the grass is green, but I don’t know how warm it will be.  It certainly isn’t the record breaking 80 degree temps of a couple of weeks ago.  More like mid 50’s.  But M will enjoy it.  She’s got some friends she’ll see there too.

Happy April!




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