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How Coffee Helps to Clean your Kitchen

Note* This is NOT a scientific study.  The basis for this statement may be (okay – IS) centered around only 1 piece of evidence.    

Due to some turnaround in my department, I’ve been going into work 30 minutes earlier – dark and early at 6am –  until the person taking the permanent time-slot starts later this week.  This means that instead of K getting up at the first alarm to start the coffee before coming back to bed that roll has been mine.  Albeit by choice.  I’ve become so spoiled  (I completely blame K for this) at having coffee ready  for me when I get up out of bed that I have opted to set the alarm a bit earlier and be the one to get up and start it the last couple of weeks.   Today was no different.  Or so I thought as I groggily plodded back to bed for a few more minutes of warm oblivion.  So imagine my wide eyed surprise when, 15 minutes later, I head back to the kitchen to pour a cup of that sweet Colombian Elixir known as coffee and find that I neglected to actually put the coffee pot BACK IN THE COFFEE MAKER after using it to pour in the water!  Of course, as most coffee makers have nowadays, there was a stop flow feature.  Meant to temporarily stop the filling process if you removed the pot prematurely , as research has shown that most connoisseurs of the drink are impatient first thing in the morning. Temporarily being a key word here.  But with hot water continuing to fill up inside there eventually becomes nowhere to go but out.  Out onto the counter.  Out and down the cupboards.  Out onto the floor.  Out INTO the cupboards and onto the cupboard shelves (or in this case Lazy Susan trays).   And it wasn’t just the coffee, it was the coffee grounds as well!  Which brings me back to my statement.  Coffee helps you clean your kitchen. Okay okay, perhaps a more true statement is ‘coffee prompted me to clean my cupboard‘.  Because I have been telling myself for months that I needed to clean out that cupboard and give it a thorough wipe down.  Not only were they visibly dirty, but they weren’t turning properly either.  I knew something had gotten down under the bottom tray and was stopping them from spinning smoothly.  And it was a 5am wake up call that made me finally complete the task.

Oh how I wish I would have taken photos of what I walked into this morning.  But instead I did the more responsible thing and grabbed a bunch of old towels to start soaking up as much of the mess as I could before I had to stop to get ready for work or risk being late.  It took 30 minutes, but I was able to clean the coffee maker, the counter and the floor below, as well as soak up most of what had gone down into the trays of the lazy susan.  I left only 1 towel down to catch any stray drips that may have continued to the floor.

So these pictures are from this afternoon, when I was greeted with the task of moving the trays up and out of the way to clean out what was making it stick and wipe up any remaining coffee puddles.  5+ year old Starburst anyone?  They had to have been remnants of the previous owner since I have not bought the candy since buying the house 4 1/2 years ago. Yuck!

Needless to say with the removal of the various candy, hard beans, nuts and other misc past edibles the trays are spinning smoothly now.  The only thing I will take credit for is the Crystal Lite package at the back.  Which probably did have something to do with the spin factor.  And the trays may be stained and not perfectly white, but they are clean  and absent of all things sticky.

via Daily Prompt: Elixir


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