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Water Wise Weekend

It has been raining here. A lot. Every other day for a week now and dumping quite a bit each time.  Not enough to worry about flooding or early spring run off from the mountains.  But enough to really really soak the ground.  

And because our soil is mostly clay it causes two problems. The first is lack of water absorption.  The water stays towards the top and puddles up  instead of soaking in when it rains too much too fast. And second is the poor root development. Becauae clarify has a tendency to become compact it is difficult for roots to spread and plants to develop a healthy root system

I could choose to amend the soil, aerrate, etc. And I do, but really I prefer less grass anyway because it uses so much water so I’m opting to convert some of it to low water garden beds instead. Because it may be raining a lot now, but come summer we’ll be back to very hot dry days.

So K and I have decided to take advantage of the wet weather which makes the soil much easier to dig into two tear out the grass where the beds are going to go.

I dug out the section above after work on Friday, and K dug out the rest (below) yesterday. What took him maybe 90 minutes would have taken me probably 3 days! I am grateful everyday for that man.

Eventually I will extend out the flower bed in front of the bushes as well but for now I’ll just concentrate on going up the side of the driveway and around the lamp post. I haven’t decided yet which plants I’ll be putting it in but I’ll be sure to let you know.


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