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Depending on how you are utilizing it –  Pinterest can help you or hinder you.  Be a time saver or a time waster.  You can spend hours looking for that perfect project, or one you think you remember – you just can remember from where.  And you have to proceed with caution because it is so easy to get distracted by other pins you ‘might like’ and never get to the actual task at hand.  And it can definitely get overwhelming!  Like when I decided to get ideas on needle organization.  Hundreds and hundreds of pins flooded my search results.  Everything from CD storage for Circular Needles, Toothbrush holders or  Storage pouches for DPNs or creating your own Roll up pouch for Straight Needles.  I spent at least 2 hours tying to find just the right solution for my own lack of organized needle storage.
I finally settled on CD cases for the circulars and toothbrush holders for the DPNs.  Then spent another hour looking for the old CD case I swore I had with a bunch of the Older and Younger’s old computer disks from the educational games they had growing up.  No luck.  I either threw them away or donated them is what I’ve decided.  I tried buying a new case, but they are more difficult to find now than you’d think.  Even if CD’s are a thing of the past.  Boy do I feel old!  I remember when our family bought our first CD player in the 80s and how we started replacing all our vinyl records and cassettes with them.  Fast forward 30 years and vinyl is now back ‘in’.  But back to the needles (the knitting kind, not the record player kind).  So again, no luck with the CD storage case.  I did find toothbrush holders (purchased 10 of them) and came across some pencil pouches (purchased 10 of them too) at the last minute that I thought would do the trick for the circulars.

When it came down to it though, after marking them with Sharpie I tossed the toothbrush containers.  I realized there was more than enough space in the pouches for the DPN’s and circulars.  And everything fits very neatly in a magazine holder with enough space left over for the few straight needles and larger needles that are too bulky for the pouches (US size 11 and up) to be stashed away as well.  It has worked out very well and because I’ve labeled each pouch with the contents I can see at a glance the sizes and cord lengths I have.  A vast improvement over the multiple ziploc bags that everything had been stashed in previously!

Feel free to share your own ideas or pictures.  How do you organize your needles?



Comments and Feedback Always Welcome!

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