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I Believe I Shawl

Bernard enjoyed a bask in the sun near the coop.

So, what started out as a perfect weekend with temperatures we don’t normally see until June and was expected to be spent hiking both days took a turn due to a combination of spring pollen and wind playing havoc on my lungs. K & I took a hike on Saturday but had to cut it short due to the strong winds that prompted an asthma attack.

With hiking on hold I thought perhaps I could handle pruning the grapevines, which are in desperate need of some attention, but even that seemed to tire me out. And the wind was not helping matters. I never can be sure what might trigger an asthma attack. Asthma sucks.

So even though I had intended to take a break between projects I spent the rest of the weekend indoors and cast on for my next piece, the Heartful Shawl by Kay Meadors.    I had purchased the pattern and yarn for the project a few weeks ago and I have to admit to being nervous at what color the yarn would actually turn put to be.  You never can be sure if the pictures online are true to life and the descriptions can also be deceiving.  I was afraid that it would end up being more of an ice blue.

Day 1 – Heartful Shawl


But in fact it was the perfect color to compliment the dress I had in mind for it.

Day 1 – Casting on

Each of the stitches is easy in itself but I quickly discovered that it is not a project that I can knit mindlessly while watching tv.  I ended up starting over after the 13th row.  The second cast ended up being much smoother and you can already see the pattern emerging in the picture below.


Day 2 – Heartful Shawl



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