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Sunday Funday – at least for me!

Weeds = 0, T =1 !  They have all been sprayed or pulled depending on the type.  But with a conscious effort to be earth friendly – not to mention chicken and doggie friendly – I use a non-toxic, non-hazardous weed killer .  In case any of you have already seen this recipe floating around on Facebook or Pinterest and wondered, it really does work!  The results are faster than any of the store bought brands.  And no harm to bees, chickens or doggies.  There are a few variations of this recipe but I have found this one to be perfectly effective so haven’t bothered to try the others.

I did veer off from my original plan for yesterday of weeds and then grapevines.  I ended up replacing the fence around one of my gardens that I don’t want the chickens to have access to instead.  But either way it was time well spent. The yard has been cared for lovingly this weekend and shows it.

I have still managed a couple of pattern repeats each day on the edging of the cardigan so don’t think that just because the pictures are of the outdoors instead of yarn and stitching it means I’ve given up my knitting.   But it is taking a back seat to the warmth of the approaching spring.


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