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Super Saturday

Happy Sunday to you!  Saturday was a success for me.  I managed to maintain my focus on the task at hand and completed quite a few to-do items.

First up was the lock on the sliding door.  It had worn out and the little hook had stopped going up and down so for the last week we have been using a stick in the track to keep the door secure.  I had attempted to remove the hardware to bring it with me to the store so that I’d know what part I was looking for, but with the removal of the last screw the hardware dropped to the bottom of the door, inside the frame.  Crap!

So off to the store I went without the part.  Instead I bought one each of all the different parts it could be (I took back the unused ones this morning).   In the meantime I was able to process the solution.  In case you are ever in need of replacing one of these I found it worked best to remove the door from the track (fairly easy though it does require a bit of strength).  Lay it down on a flat surface before removing any screws so that the hardware stays in place.  Since my hardware had fallen down I simply lifted the door from the bottom and it slid right back up to the hole.  Easy peasy. Removing the old hardware at an angle, replacing it with the new and a couple of screws to keep it there and back into the track the door went.  Reattach the handles and done.  Way easier than I thought it would be – and we now have a working lock again!

The rest of the day was spent on the yard.  All of the gardens, front yard and back, are freshly tilled and cut back.  I was excited to see, when removing the old growth just how much is already coming up.  We’ll have tulips, daffodils and hyacinth soon – maybe in another week.  The lilac bush is already leafing out, and the peony are starting to push through the soil as well.    Color will be coming to the gardens before too long.

I swear in the course of just one day the iris stalks grew at least an inch.  In the picture above you can see the two raised garden beds with hay and chicken poop from the coop turned into the soil.  That combo is one of the best fertilizers around.  And its free!  It doesn’t look like much right now, but give it a couple of weeks.

Oh, and I also put up a string of solar powered fairy lights along the walkway, up the side and across the top of the coop!  I forgot to take a picture of it last night, but it really is lovely.

Today I’m focusing on the weeds – which are already growing like, well, weeds!  And I’ll be starting on the grapevines which are extremely overgrown in parts.  Its supposed to be near 60 degrees Farenheit today, and into the 70’s later this week.    K and I are already planning our first hike next weekend.  What are you looking forward to this week?

Pictures: Top Left- removing the old sliding door hardware, Top Right – Fresh Eggs (clockwise from the top – Arcauna, Wyandotte, Golden Sexlink, Maran, Middle – Butterfly and Hummingbird garden (and Frank), Bottom – ‘Granny’s Garden’ and vegetable boxes.


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