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Happy Saturday on this beautiful start to the weekend!  When I saw today’s daily word prompt: Pattern –  I thought ‘what knitter can resist this challenge?’  But I didn’t lean toward the obvious and most commonly  associated definition – ‘a repeated decorative design’ or ‘a model or design used as a guide in needlework and other crafts’.  Instead, with the arrival of warmer temperatures and blue skies the patterns of behavior came to mind.
Just like the predictability of the crocus being the first bloom as spring draws closer  I cannot resist putting down my knitting and spending more time outside in the fresh, if still a bit crisp, air.  It is the same every year.  This week the warmer temperatures arrived in sync with the weekend. K and I celebrated this fact with the first fire of the year in the fire pit last night.

And, as also happens every year, I start itching to get my hands in the dirt – prepping for this years planting and tending to the perennials just showing signs of waking up after the cold winter.  I feel pulled in many directions.  Projects both indoors and out start calling to me.  I could have been working on the indoor ones all through the winter, but I think it is the longer days that give me the energy and drive to tackle them.  I have to objectively plan what to do first and try not to get too distracted.  While I still very much want to knit, I also want to pull weeds (yes I do enjoy it), rake leaves, sweep porches and patios, plan new landscaping projects, trim back old growth.  The list goes on and on.  So – here is my plan for the weekend.  Knit in the mornings and later evenings when it is too chilly to be outside and try to remain focused on one item at a time outside.

*If you zoom in on the picture of the fire you can see K’s two Harris Hawks. One of them blends nearly perfectly with the grapevines behind her.


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