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What to do…What to do?

The end of the cardigan is within my reach.  And so far so good.  The things that had me so worried that I thought would not turn out turned out – as it turns out! Hehe.  And of course what knitter doesn’t plan their future project while still working on the former?  But I can’t decide.  I’ve been ruminating over whether I should dig into my  new stash of Knit Picks Felici yarn and start another pair of socks, or make the Heartful Shawl that would be an addition to my wardrobe for the office (that place is always cold!). And the yarn I found for it turned out to be the perfect shade, the Galileo yarn in Argent.   And I also just recently found a pattern for another cardigan – Lush, by TinCanKnits that I have fallen in love with and would be another new compliment to my work attire, what with my current go-to black cardigan being kinda bulky and frumpy looking.  But I’d have to get the yarn for that first.

Decisions. Decisions.

But I still have a week or so to go on the Dealla cardigan so I have time to decide.  I’ve just about got the second sleeve finished and the last thing to go, besides finishing the seams is the edging, is a long strip of the cable pattern -repeat 15 times.

What projects are you planning next?

via Daily Prompt: Ruminate


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