Furry and Feathered Friends

Shaggy Dog Shenanigans

K always refers to it as my ‘standing desk’.  Not the ‘office’, not the ‘computer’, but the standing desk.  When he comes home from work – ‘Hi Honey, where are you?  Oh, are you at your standing desk?’ or ‘Hey Sweetie, are you working at your standing desk?’   Lol – he knows it’s things like that that make me smile.  And it is where I now comfortably, and with less guilt because I’m standing instead of sitting, set my eyes in front of a computer monitor – because the 8+ hours I get each day at work is not enough!

This morning, reading through blogs I follow and considering the contents of my own next post, I look down and find Bernard is sleeping in a dog bed near to my feet.  What a fluff ball of serious cuteness!  But more adorable still is that there hadn’t been a dog bed there before.  Nor was it the one tucked into the corner of the room.  Nope.  Apparently he prefers the one in our bedroom, because he pulled it out of there, across the hallway and into the center of the office floor (by my ‘standing desk’) all in a matter of a few minutes of me turning on the computer and while I wasn’t paying any attention!

B’s antics are one of the many reasons I call myself a dog person.  Life is better with dogs.




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