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Flakes and Medallions

via Photo Challenge: A Good Match


There are lots of things that go together.  Fires in the pit and a glass of wine on a summer evening; hot baths and scented candles; a tired body and crisp, clean sheets. Oreos and peanut butter.  Hey, don’t knock it till you try it!  Those that know me well would be shocked that I would ever consume the popular sandwich cookie topped with a schmear of that childhood staple at all – but 20 years ago, when i was pregnant with the Older, I couldn’t get enough of the combo!

Today, however, it isn’t a chocolate peanut buttery deliciousness that calls to me.  Instead, with the arrival of new snow after a brief interlude of spring-like temps, it is the combination and comfort of my current knitting project and a cup of hot herbal tea while I watching the flakes fall from the comfort of my front room sofa. I am much more ‘adultish’ in my choice of combinations at this point!

And today is the day that I begin the medallion on the cardigan.  It’s such a large portion of the back of the sweater that it can either add beautifully to, or detract from, the completed object depending on the outcome.  So I have approached this point in the project with a bit of trepidation.  But I’ve decided to give it a go.  The worst case scenario is that I end up frogging it, loosing a couple of day work.  Wish me luck!


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