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Nice while it lasted

It was fleeting, but for the space of one Sunday morning and afternoon it felt like spring.  Yesterday K and I awoke to the snow melted away, sunny skies and temps in the 50s!  For some of you that still seems cold, but after weeks with the highs in the 20s and low 30s here in the Salt Lake Valley it was heaven!

I spent a good portion of the day pruning back last years growth in some of the flowerbeds, cleaning up the chickens run, picking up the many many “land mines” left by Frank and Bernard over the winter (yuck- but it’s gotta get done!) and just enjoying some Vitamin D.  And while I was out in the yard the chickens got some supervised (mostly by Frank and Bernard) free range time.  I took the opportunity while they were busily digging up worms and scratching through last years leaves to hang up a swing in their run.  I used an old PVC pipe that was originally a hawk perch for one of K’s birds and simply strung it through some rope.  I’m not sure they like it very much at the moment.  In fact I’m pretty certain that they are quite afraid of it because they haven’t ventured over to that side since I put it up.  But they’ll get used to it and before long start checking it out up close.  And yes – since you are probably wondering – chickens do like swings!

Today its colder and windy, which I suppose I should be okay with since it’s Monday.  It would have been difficult being at work if it had been as nice as it was a day ago!


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