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img_20170114_123751229_hdrLast year I finished my first pair of socks.  They were started the year before that.  I’ve been knitting for 10 years now but have never really mastered correcting a dropped stitch. So several months after putting down the first sock, halfway completed because of that error and attempting to go back and fix it multiple times, I finally picked it back up.  But by the time if finished that first sock I realized they were going to be too big for myself.  Instead they ended up being a perfect fit for my boyfriend who wears them all the time and tells me they are the warmest socks he has!

This will be my second pair.  The pattern is called Cable Me Not by Andrea Winrick and I’m using Patons Kroy Socks yarn in Clover Colors. I had planned to be at the airport for a few hours one day and needed something to kill the time but all the other sock patterns I had found for fingering weight yarn needed a size 2 needle which I didn’t have.   So far I have started this project over – twice.  The first due to a dropped stitch, luckily within the first couple of inches.  The second because I realized that it was going to be too small and would need to cast on more stitches. I loved the pattern though, and how the colors, in my favorite color palette, blended together.  So I was not at all hesitant to pull all my stitches out and cast on again for the third time to ensure they were the perfect fit!

The back of the sock has a wonderful waffle weave.

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