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The Younger’s Christmas Gift

This last Christmas I did several knitted or sewing projects as gifts, including completing some of the aforementioned quilts that my Granny had not been able to finish from the squares she had sewn.   A post to come on that later. But one of my favorites was a Fox Pillow  by Amanda Berry  for my 17 year old.  The younger of my daughters.  This was my first experience using intarsia, a knitting technique used to incorporate multiple colors into a design using small spools of yarn.  As a first introduction to intarsia this was a great project.  It was a fairly quick project, coming together in the evenings after work it took about a week.  I chose not to add the felt to the eyes and replaced the knitted nose with a button one (as shown in below) and love love love how it turned out!  My Younger did too!img_20161217_140239653 img_20161217_140301947



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