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Trash and Treasures

I love Yard Sale Season!  K does too.  So most every Saturday we hop in the car and head out of the neighborhood, lead haphazardly about the city by neon signs and big black arrows to seek out our next treasure.  Sometimes there are specific things we are searching for but usually is more of…… Continue reading Trash and Treasures

Utah Hiking Trails

Pinecrest Mine Trail, Emigration Canyon UT

Known by some locals as the ‘Mine trail’ because of a shallow mine a couple of miles up from the trail head this hike will eventually take you to the top of Red Butte Canyon, overlooking the Salt Lake valley towards the Oquirrh mountains.  Even in early May there where plenty of wild flowers already…… Continue reading Pinecrest Mine Trail, Emigration Canyon UT

Knits etc

A Bit of Knit

This is it.  The only thing I’ve worked on of late are the Emily’s Favourite Socks.  And barley much of that.  It was bound to happen.  The days are longer and the outdoors beckons and my time has more recently been spent on 2 of my other loves- gardening and hiking. My knitting has pretty much…… Continue reading A Bit of Knit

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A Rule of Nature

It happens all around us.   Sometimes it is a harsh reminder, other times an appreciation and relief.  I had already planned this post around it without really looking at it for what it was. Survival.  Survival of the fittest. PRICKLES K and I planted these native to Utah cacti last year.  We have no idea…… Continue reading A Rule of Nature

Utah Hiking Trails

North Willow Trail, Stansbury Range

This spring has been cold and wet.  And we’ve seen snow late into the year.  So K and I have been looking for lower elevation hikes to stay, for the most part, below the snow line.  Accessed from Granstville, UT the North Willow Trail was out choice a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly K and…… Continue reading North Willow Trail, Stansbury Range

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Making the Best of It

I had to face the sad fact that the majority of my peony blooms did not make it through the sudden winter storm of the other day.  Probably a good 3 quarters of the stems had snapped from the weight of the snow, as well as several from the neighboring iris. In an attempt to…… Continue reading Making the Best of It

Knits etc

Seaming the T-Shell

The whole while I was knitting up the main 3 pieces of this project I’ve had a bit of anxiety about how well it was going to piece together at the seams.  Besides the typical side and shoulder seaming this pattern also calls for seaming all the way across the top, from cuff to shoulder.…… Continue reading Seaming the T-Shell

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May the Snow Stop, Seriously

Remember the beautiful green, blooming and nearly blooming gardens of the other day? Despite the warning (which I did not believe), we woke up to snow earlier this week.  It was in the 70’s the day before that.  I know Utah weather can change nearly instantly, but this one took me by surprise because it…… Continue reading May the Snow Stop, Seriously

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My Favorite Month

I have decided recently that May is my favorite month.  The first flowers are in bloom, the sun is out longer in the evenings, the grass greens up, the air is clean, there is yard work and spring cleaning and hiking and warmth.  Dresses come out, sweaters get packed away.   May celebrates Mother’s Day,…… Continue reading My Favorite Month

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Softball and Socks

  I have not spent a whole lot of time recently on my current sock project, what with the switch to the Mother’s Day projects of the past week.  But last Monday, K was roped into playing on his work’s softball team, a double header, for that first evening of games.  And that meant time for…… Continue reading Softball and Socks