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The Background Behind the Backdrop

The calendar says it’s spring.  And it must be, because its been raining non-stop for days now.  Nearly 2 inches of rain on Thursday and nearly an inch again today.  And there is rain forecast in the next 5 out of 7 days to come.  The arrival of spring also means that Yard Sale season…… Continue reading The Background Behind the Backdrop

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Needed Needle Solution

Depending on how you are utilizing it –  Pinterest can help you or hinder you.  Be a time saver or a time waster.  You can spend hours looking for that perfect project, or one you think you remember – you just can remember from where.  And you have to proceed with caution because it is…… Continue reading Needed Needle Solution

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I Believe I Shawl

So, what started out as a perfect weekend with temperatures we don’t normally see until June and was expected to be spent hiking both days took a turn due to a combination of spring pollen and wind playing havoc on my lungs. K & I took a hike on Saturday but had to cut it…… Continue reading I Believe I Shawl

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Dealla Done!

It’s finished! Yay!  Missed St. Patrick’s Day by one day but that’s okay, I’m still super excited! And even though it’s going to be 80 degrees today there will still be plenty of days getting back down to where it’s cold enough to wear it several more times this season.

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Just When I Think I’m Figuring It Out

And here I thought I had it figured out. The nuances of knitting. At least some of them anyway. I had added an extra stitch ,if you recall, to the edge of the neck/edging so that when it came time to make the seam it would be even on both sides. However, what I failed…… Continue reading Just When I Think I’m Figuring It Out

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Sew It Seams

 Happy St. Pat’s from Bernard and Frank!  I took the day off today to take the doggies to their grooming apt (don’t they look handsome?), finish my taxes – and with any luck – get a start on finishing the Dealla Cardigan by the end of the weekend.  The last piece, the neck/edging, got blocked…… Continue reading Sew It Seams

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Sunday Funday – at least for me!

Weeds = 0, T =1 !  They have all been sprayed or pulled depending on the type.  But with a conscious effort to be earth friendly – not to mention chicken and doggie friendly – I use a non-toxic, non-hazardous weed killer .  In case any of you have already seen this recipe floating around on Facebook or Pinterest…… Continue reading Sunday Funday – at least for me!

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Super Saturday

Happy Sunday to you!  Saturday was a success for me.  I managed to maintain my focus on the task at hand and completed quite a few to-do items. First up was the lock on the sliding door.  It had worn out and the little hook had stopped going up and down so for the last…… Continue reading Super Saturday

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Happy Saturday on this beautiful start to the weekend!  When I saw today’s daily word prompt: Pattern –  I thought ‘what knitter can resist this challenge?’  But I didn’t lean toward the obvious and most commonly  associated definition – ‘a repeated decorative design’ or ‘a model or design used as a guide in needlework and…… Continue reading Naturally

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Knitting Know-How

I consider myself an Intermediate Level knitter.  While I still have to reference How-To videos, books and articles, I am learning new techniques and comprehending more of the nuances  to develop my skills every day.  So when it came time for the last piece of the Dealla Cardigan to knit (the cabled edging) I understood…… Continue reading Knitting Know-How